Music and Storytelling Sessions on the theme of The Great North Wood

I am currently working on a joint project with Keith Park and Emmie Ward. The project will be music and storytelling sessions for adults with learning disabilities and in particular is open for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. I am really excited to be working on this collaborative project. It brings together a range of my interests and is a giant leap into the area of work I want to be doing more as a freelancer.

Keith, Emmie and I have been meeting for a couple of months and the sessions will kick off in January. The dates are:  22nd, 29th January and 6th February 2016. We hope to expand on these dates and will look into funding. These initial dates will be a trial of a larger project. If you support or know of someone with a learning disability who would like to take part, then please get in touch.

Great North Wood jpeg

Arts Award Adviser Training

Today I attended an Arts Award Adviser Training for the Explore and Discover levels. There was a specific emphasis on working with young people with learning disabilities. I found it very useful and have promptly applied for the bronze and silver award course as well! It is an investment for me as a freelancer and as an employee.

The main reason that I found the training exciting – was that I realised I could also apply to be an Arts Award Centre myself as well as registering places I work. A lot of the adults with learning disabilities I work with at the moment are over 25 – however, I still think that it will be a really useful framework. I believe that it will not only help support people to develop their creativity – in whatever way they do and want to express it – yet also put an emphasis on raising expectations (in a positive/non pressurised way), support the development of positive relationships and also help to improve the activity provision that is already in place.

L’Arche London Christmas Concert Friday 4th December 2015


12244746_874986935890321_7572630716978930050_oLooking forward to the L’Arche concert in a couple of nights time. Over the past couple of years L’Arche has been creating winter and summer plays. This year adults with learning disabilities and support assistants will be performing a compilation of dances from the various plays. The plays (and dances) have been directed by Flo Anson. I have been helping with teaching some songs that will be performed in between the dances 🙂