Arts Award Adviser Training

Today I attended an Arts Award Adviser Training for the Explore and Discover levels. There was a specific emphasis on working with young people with learning disabilities. I found it very useful and have promptly applied for the bronze and silver award course as well! It is an investment for me as a freelancer and as an employee.

The main reason that I found the training exciting – was that I realised I could also apply to be an Arts Award Centre myself as well as registering places I work. A lot of the adults with learning disabilities I work with at the moment are over 25 – however, I still think that it will be a really useful framework. I believe that it will not only help support people to develop their creativity – in whatever way they do and want to express it – yet also put an emphasis on raising expectations (in a positive/non pressurised way), support the development of positive relationships and also help to improve the activity provision that is already in place.