Music and Storytelling Sessions on the theme of The Great North Wood

I am currently working on a joint project with Keith Park and Emmie Ward. The project will be music and storytelling sessions for adults with learning disabilities and in particular is open for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. I am really excited to be working on this collaborative project. It brings together a range of my interests and is a giant leap into the area of work I want to be doing more as a freelancer.

Keith, Emmie and I have been meeting for a couple of months and the sessions will kick off in January. The dates are:  22nd, 29th January and 6th February 2016. We hope to expand on these dates and will look into funding. These initial dates will be a trial of a larger project. If you support or know of someone with a learning disability who would like to take part, then please get in touch.

Great North Wood jpeg