It’s a Links page. I am just starting on it…

Most websites have them and I am very happy to share some of my favourite pages – with accessibility at the heart:

Joanna Grace – Developer of the The Sensory Projects and more, that champion accessibility and making sense of the world for people with learning disabilities. I attended a weekend training with Joanna Grace about Sensory Stories. This inspired me to develop my own practice of using sensory experiences to enhance stories and music.

Reminisense – Sensory Stories for People Living with Dementia. This project is set up by Speech and Language Therapist, Coralie Oddy. I have had the pleasure of working with Coralie on the storytelling project in Crystal Palace Park, for adults with learning disabilities and can really recommend her work.

Just Sing – Just Sing is headed by Abigail Sudbury. Abigail is a community minded practitioner and leads a variety of music projects, including community choirs. In particular, take a look at the West Norwood Tea Dance, which is free monthly event for people living with dementia. The Tea Dance takes place at the Portico Gallery – which is a community led initiative.

Sound Tracks – The collective I am part of. Read more about us in the projects section and take a look at our website 🙂